Paddle4Play: June 2010

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Europeans Video Austria TV

Small clip of me squirt boating at 3:20 Adrian


Teva Cardboard Boat Race the Video

heres the video team Ireland and their Giant Penis

Adrian, Daniel, Brian and Kevin

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

European Championships 2010 Photos

Photos from the european freestyle Championships 2010 in Lienz, Austria Available to view HERE

Sunday, 20 June 2010

European Championships Day 11

After 5 days of rain this morning we finally decided enough was enough and we were leaving Lienz for warmer dryer pastures.

So we packed up camp and 3 cars headed for Munich on the way we realised just how cold it was with fresh snow on the same road that was 34 degrees just 10 days previous


We reached Munich late afternoon booking a couple of rooms at a top quality holiday inn! it had a pool, sauna and steam room which we took full advantage of before heading for town, we jumped on the underground for a few stops getting into town on the hunt for a litre of beer and food.


photo 3

first up we found food a lovely pizza house with gooooooood pizzas. litre of beer was proving a little harder on a Sunday evening strolling around Munich admiring extravagant buildings and the power of water and fountains about the place.

We eventually came across an open pub and on our table landed 4 litres of beer nice!

photo photo 2

the evening moved us to a local Irish bar to enjoy some karaoke bad Guinness and a train ride back to the hotel for a well deserved sleep!


photo 4 photo 5

Saturday, 19 June 2010

European Championships Day 10

Day 10 was to be finals day the last day of competition after a long and lively losers party the night before we wake to remember the squirt event had been moved forward from a respectable 5pm to an unsociable 10am. still feeling the after effects from the previous night we head to the hole.

Squirt boating is seen as the dark side of the sport with so many masters weather it be flat water routines of movements and rotations or the deep water specialists the guys who love to sink. With an eddy lined with glitter and a river almost freezing off we go.

with the best ride counting we had to make it good. with a flatwater routine to build the points and a quick dunk to make a multiplier. unfortunately sinking wasnt easy on the feature meaning a lot came down to the flatwater.

squirt2 squirt1

This was only my 2nd time in the boat since damaging my ankle and made the most of it putting down a solid ride including party tricks cartwheels even a cheeky switch wheel it felt good but with no mystery it left me in 4th position just 3 points off of 3rd place and a place on the podium.

the day was then spent building our craft for the cardboard boat race their was lots of creations pirate ships and hens and the paper paddys and their massive penis.

DSC09568 DSC09569 DSC09728 DSC09577 DSC09572 DSC09570 DSC09592 DSC09608 DSC09623 DSC09654 DSC09637 DSC09669 DSC09688  

As we had boxes spare i managed to make myself a costume looking a bit like ET! our Giant penis floated without a problem even managing a cheek surf in the hole with no swims we cruised down to the waiting safety crew to pull us in!


We spent the rest of the day watching the finals with pringle unlucky to be beaten in the mens final but Peter laying down ride of the competition 985 points to take the title leaving word cup winner pringle with the silver.


Friday, 18 June 2010

Senior Mens Prelims

Heres the videos of Team Irelands senior mens prelim runs


The Dress

As a new tradition amongst Irish teams to be started here today.

By law the senior male competitor who scores the lowest points MUST wear a dress to the losers party.



  1. The dress must be chosen by the team manager and their decision is final!
  2. The dress must be presented in front of the team.
  3. the dress must be worn for the entire evening.
  4. The dress must be visible no jackets or gowns allowed
  5. The dress must make it back to Ireland for future banter
  6. Only the named person may wear the dress
  7. The dress wearer shalt forfeit their rights to photos of them in the dress these remain property of whoever has them and can be sent to anyone who wants them!


Enjoy !



And the 2010 European Irish Dress Wearing Champion is…….


Kevin McCabe


 IMG_0847 IMG_0848

IMG_0850 IMG_0852

A Week with Tom


Just a quick blog update here to say Thank you to Thomas Dunphy, He has spent countless hours training and boating hard but unfortunately other events meant he had to pull out of the competition at the last minute.


We arrived in Lienz to find a figure sitting rocking in his tent waiting for civillisation. Tom had arrived into Lienz at the start of the month with intentions to boat and relax. but before long we found out he had managed to become a local celebrity well known by the owner of the Kebab shop and the Italian restaurant as well as the swimming pool attendants.


Tom had a small accident managing to break his nose on a water slide this wasnt his best idea then spending days in hospital to try and argue putting it back into place but with no luck as he was set to compete.

But with a little help for Bowsie’s accidental elbow one night whilst partying the nose looked a lot better!

  We spent a day looking for a mountain rollercoaster but with no luck we found a petting zoo and playground. We took to opportunity to play as big kids for a couple of hours! to which Tom was no exception!!

DSC08725 DSC08733DSC08743 DSC08752 




Best wishes from everyone in Lienz. look after yourself and see you in Dublin


PS. At least your not wearing a dress ;-)


European Championships Day 9

With all of the Irish team being knocked out of their prelims we were left with one hope! Eoin Keyes who had made the cut for the semis! we spent the day waiting and eating and shopping before his semi final at 2pm.



Eoin had a cheeky paddle early on in the day and felt frustrated with loops not sticking so after a relaxing morning he was psyced


DSC09260 DSC09261 DSC09279

with the whole of Irelands hopes laid in his hands he put down a solid confident ride to put him in 7th Place after the first ride then in the second ride again he just couldnt get the loop to stick flushing awkwardly leaving him with one good score to use.


(semi finals are two rides best score counts)


Unfortunately Eoin didnt make the cut but finishing a very respectable 10th place

Tonight we have the traditional loser party for everyone who has not made a final. With Team Ireland ready to rock the roost and party on! As a team we made a pact the lowest placed scoring male would be wearing a dress to the losers party tonight. With all the K1 Senior men scoring and due to the fact OC1 was pretty poor we gave the lads a second chance in C1 which has left Kevin with zero points and a dress to wear tonight!


and as I sit here in the campsite alone I think the others have all legged it to go boating at a wave upstream!


time to go boating!!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

European Championships Day 8

Today was the turn of the Men! 9 heats 5 Irish Senior men it was sure to be a good day.

The morning was spent each taking their own time and space to mentally prepare my self using music as a tool while Ronnie headed for the woods to find his ‘chi’

Time ticked down First up was Myself (Adrian) as a last minute stand in for Tom who had to head off early with very little practice in the hole (As I had spent most the week coaching) I put down a fairly good ride (I didn't die or break anything) everything felt good with loops and cartwheels keeping it simple was the key. but now being relaxed and enjoying the occasion I had 2 unlucky flushed in my second ride leaving me way down the score sheet.


DSC09239 DSC09243

Next came Ronnie and Paul with the two of them in the same heat gave them someone to bounce off Ronnie’s first ride was tense and flushy while Paul had an unlucky flush but put down a solid display in the last 10 seconds to give him a good start. as the second rides came up Ronnie relaxed letting the boat do the work and out in a solid display while Paul caught the surge bouncing him off the wave but still getting some ends down before the buzzer.

 DSC08493 DSC08481


Brian being a bit of a veteran of competition was good to go with Dee more nervous than him. as the rain poured Brian linked end over end into splits even sticking a solid loop. he followed this into the 2nd ride with a cool confident ride to leave him top of the Irish men!


Last up was Barry. as many know Barry has a great style and lots of skill until the point a stopwatch is used but Barry came through this putting down solid rides going for his mcnasty but just couldn't get the boat around to score.


As we all waited in anticipation the scores were delivered

Brian 210 points

Paul 150 points

Barry 137 points

Ronnie 111 Points

Adrian 100 Points

we were all left well below the cut and the current leader pringle with his consistent scores of well over one thousand points!

IMG_0840 IMG_0841