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Monday, 27 June 2011

Paddlers Guide Plattling, Germany

After spending time in Plattling its only right we let everyone know just how they can also paddle there


Plattling, Germany


River wide stopper on the Isar, Works best between 180-220cm on the gauge but will work from approx. 140cm-250cm in lover levels becomes very shallow in places and in higher levels creates a green wave in the centre.

Live gauge available online updates every 15mins

Generally river left side is better feature where all hole tricks and combos are possible. But wave can be paddles all the way across with different levels of retentiveness.

Easy eddy access and get on / get off


Fly to Munich (Airlingus) then train straight to Plattling

Fly to Memmingen (Ryanair) then take the shuttle bus to Munich Train Station 15e if pre booked plus 3e for boat. then onto train to Plattling.

Ryanair is relatively cheap with extra 40e each way for boat, max 20kg weight

Dublin Airport is very strict for weight memmingen didn't even bother weighing them!

AirLingus a little easier but generally more lenient on boat weight


Free Campsite on the riverbank next to the wave

Hotel Isar close walk to feature


Globas is the largest store we have ever seen with just about everything you could imagine all very cheaply priced

Breakfast 3 bacon 3 egg and glass of orange juice 2.25euro

Beer 20 x 0.5l Bottles 5.70euro plus 3.10 deposit you get back when you take the bottles and crate back.


Cafe Stern is based in the middle of town with good pub grub and drinks

Al Borgo is the pizzeria closest to the campsite. big pizza cheap

Chinese restaurant large portions about 8-14e for dinner and drink

adria pizzeria in town good food slightly more expensive

Pizza square building good pizza outside seating only.

Saray Grill, Musty the kebab man with good kebabs chips and free wifi and power.

Swimming Pools

Elypso spa and pool, 3 big slides, jets, lazy river, Jacuzzi, steam room 3 outdoor pools 5.50 Euro for 3 hours 1o minute drive from feature

Local pool 1-2Euro for as long as you want 10 minute walk from feature, all outdoor, 1 slide, small lazy river, big inflatable dog, 5 diving boards, swimming lanes.

Other Info

Remember to take euro power converters.

everything closes on a Sunday except Pubs and cafes

As a rule all water is fizzy ask for no gas!

All plastic and glass bottles a deposit is paid and you will receive unto 25c per bottle returned.


Worlds Day 17

With today the day we fly home after a solid 16 nights in Germany its time to reflect on some of the scenes of the past few weeks,

  • Ireland send a 12 strong team to Plattling, Germany to compete in the ICF World Freestyle Championships. Against the worlds top paddlers.
  • With team paddlers travelling from as early as May the town was sussed for our arrival.
  • Being met at the airport myself and Bowsie by Tom to really kick off our time away.
  • Training each day in warm water with a variety of weather conditions
  • Camping for 15 nights- looking forward to a bed
  • Junior team members arriving with big hungry eyes ready to achieve and learn.
  • Day 12 the day those juniors grew up into real future contenders both at home in Ireland and on the international scene.
  • The Volksfest – Taking in German culture in an unforgettable night.
  • Kipper on the mic, cartwheeling those tricky’s and milking those jokes
  • a live feed going global really putting freestyle kayaking on the map.
  • Billy Reaching a semi final at his first major event.
  • Me hitting my first head under mystery moves
  • Ronnie finding his mojo with big loops
  • solid rides and big scores from all team members
  • The opening ceremony team Ireland photos joined by all!
  • Friday funday of events and chilled out boating.
  • 5.70 euro for 20 bottles of good German beer
  • Elypsos fun slides and carnage
  • Local slides and diving boards 2 broken noses and a trip to hospital.
  • Enjoying Munich a beautiful European City

A fantastic trip with pile of fun! roll on NOC 2013.

The Dress 2011

As a continued tradition amongst Irish teams started last summer.

By law the senior male competitor who scores the lowest points MUST wear a dress to the losers party.


  1. The dress must be chosen by the team manager and their decision is final!

  2. The dress must be presented in front of the team.

  3. the dress must be worn for the entire evening.

  4. The dress must be visible no jackets or gowns allowed

  5. The dress must make it back to Ireland for future banter

  6. Only the named person may wear the dress

  7. The dress wearer shalt forfeit their rights to photos of them in the dress these remain property of whoever has them and can be sent to anyone who wants them!

Enjoy !

And the 2011 World Irish Dress Wearing Champion is…….

Adrian Durrant


Pictures to follow!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Worlds Day 16

After another epic champions party with martial arts display and rodeo bull all in the tent on the campsite took with it the close of another world championships and a farewell to many friends until next time,

Today we chilled out relaxed and cleared the site packing bags and tents away tidying the rubbish. With the event over we sat around watching others paddle until it was time to depart Plattling where myself and Bowsie headed to Munich for another night of culture.


2011-06-26 20.20.252011-06-26 20.23.392011-06-26 20.32.49

2011-06-26 21.24.03

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Worlds Day 15 Finals Day

With the water levels holding Saturday would see all of the finals take place.

‘From ICF Web Site’

Plattling, 25.06.2011 - What's numerous well-humored audiences were on the final day of the ICF Canoe Freestyle World Cup to see in Plattling could be described as a good conscience, Dane Jackson Show '. The 17-year-old Jackson, who had qualified as the first athlete ever to all four classes of a Freestyle World Cup, got a total of three gold medals (C1, Squirt, K1) and one bronze (OC).

Philip received the most applause, however, Hitzig Rath (GER), who secured the silver medal in the C1 behind Jackson. The Ulmer, who had set itself a target of a top-10 placement could take immediately after the race his happiness. "I can not believe that I became vice world champion.The finals was already a huge success for me and now this. Simply incredible, " so heated council.

Also, the teams from Great Britain and Spain had plenty of reason to celebrate: Claire O'Hara and James 'Pringle' Bebbington brought a total of three gold medals for the British, in O'Hara and Squirt K1, Bebbington also in the K1.

In the Open Canoe showed the Spaniards Adria Bosch and Odej Areta its strength and took gold and silver for her team. Joaquim Fontane won a bronze medal in the Junior K1, Aitor Goikoetxea again in C1.

The U.S., Britain and Spain were therefore the most successful nations in this World Cup and took 17 of a total of 24 medals. A total of 222 athletes from 26 countries took part in the competitions in Plattling. As Kanu-Freestyle still not among the Olympic sports that make the world championships which are held in a two-year cycle, the climax of the competition calendar for the athletes dar. The next World Cup in 2013 in the Nantahala fought Outdoor Center in the USA.

Summary of the final races of the day.

Squirt women

Claire O'Hara, who had dominated throughout the World Cup this discipline had, from the start back at all the critical attacks on the World Cup title. Already in the first run, they reached a score of 946, which proved too great advantage for the other finalists. Silver medalist Motoko Ishada (JPN) reached 580 points and Devon Barks from the United States won bronze (356 points).

Squirt men

The 17-year old Dane Jackson won his first world championship gold medal with a 1293-point run in the second round, which surprised even himself. Jamie Gold favorite Austen (GBR) moved up to the end of 1103 on 1173 points, but handed the 'only' for the silver medal. Toru Ishihara, who is from the Squirt powerhouse Japan, finished the race with 903 points and finished in third place.

Open Canoe

The Spanish team won their first medals in the competitions of the Open Canoe Class. Adria Bosch, who participated for the second time in a World Cup, reached in his final gold medal run 131 points ahead of his compatriot Odei Areta. Areta, who fought a neck-and-neck race for the silver medal with Dane Jackson could well prevail in the end with five points. Jackson took third place with his second World Cup medal.

K1 Junior Women

The 15-year-old Lauren Burress (USA) proved in their final run last nerve. Thanks to a big-scoring loop and a Space Godzilla Burress ran a 196 points, which was enough for the world title. Vice World Champion from New Zealand Courntey Kerin managed a 166-point run and then the British Gabby Bates pointed to third. Burress, who had dominated in the U.S. this season, all competitions in her age group, said that her secret to success is simple. "I'm preparing for each race before the same whether it is a World Cup or the World Cup final " , the world champion of the junior K1.


Dane Jackson won his second World Cup title thanks to a 686-point rides. Jackson put a move by one point - Back Loop, Felix, Space Godzilla and a split Wheel Cartwheel combination, which created no other in the C1 - and won the race ahead of Philip Hitzig Rath (GER) Hitzig Rath, the good performance of German team was crowned with a medal, could hardly believe it myself, to have become vice-world champion. "I had set myself before the World Cup semi-finals as the target. That it has passed the end even for a medal is just madness. In the final, everything worked and I am overjoyed, " said the Ulmer, who referred the Spaniard Aitor Goikoetxea to third.

K1 Junior

U.S. teenagers Dane Jackson once again proved why he is referred to as the greatest young talent in freestyle. Jackson dominated the K1 class of juniors at a consistently high level and won his third world title with a furious 1020-point run. That would have served in the men's class for the shared second place. Silver medalist Joaquim Fontane had in his last attempt to put everything on one card after he had scored only low scores in the two previous runs. He kept his nerves under control and showed a great performance which was rewarded by the judges with 773 points. Bren Orton (GBR) tried nachzulegen, Fontane could not overtake anymore. Thus bronze at Orton, who got 733 points for his last ride.

K1 Women

With a world championship title in the bag Claire O'Hara was mentally prepared to go well in the race for the title of the women's K1. The reigning world champion Emily Jackson (USA), sister of Dane who paddled in all previous rounds of high scores towards the title defense, had to settle for the silver. O'Hara showed especially in the second ride all their skills and took 663 rating points."Right from the first move on, I felt good, everything else will happen by itself," Sun O'Hara."has the K1 women at this World Cup again made ​​a big step forward. I am thrilled that I could be a part of it, " said the likeable Brit. Jackson, in the finale could not get their best performance, became vice world champion with 583 points ahead of training partner Ruth Gordon Ebens from Canada (450 points).

K1 Men

After James 'Pringle' Bebbington would be eliminated in the semifinals and almost his first final run was rather dull, he kept his nerve in the third and final attempt at control. The 23-year-old Briton, who changed regularly wintered in Uganda, his mental preparation for the finale. He found that he was too loose in the previous rounds, and thus had difficulty finding the contest. In the second race he put it, mentally pumped up, his best run so far with 1020 points out. This he could even with a number of his best tricks - Move to the beginning of an entry in the shaft, and both sides McNasty's Phonix Monkeys, loops, a Space Godzilla and a lunar orbit - and once again improve in the third run was an incredible 1053 points. This score, he also had to present, as the Slovakian Peter Csonka for his final ride was also 1020 points. Csonka, who had dominated the quarter and semi finals, was runner-up thus against the Americans Stephen Wright, who received 940 points for his best run.

During the morning we found some fun and games on the Segways with Ronnie taking a fall in the mud and Joey showing skill and composure in dominating the ramp of doom!



Friday, 24 June 2011

Worlds Day 14

With the high water levels expected Friday was used as a rest day to allow high flows to clear before the finals on Saturday,

Fortunately the high flows never materialised and left a day of recovery and fun events on the water.

The Fun events planned were

1. SUP Race

The course was set to ferry glide above the upstream bridge before using the flow to go down through the hole river right eddy out round a buoy in the eddy before coming back across the flow to the finish line in the river left eddy – Sounds Simple

Myself, Niamh and Caoimhe took the challenge with no prior experience what’s the worst that could happen?? – Well…. Niamh made a good start but got stuck in the flow and ended up 200m down stream for a long walk back up, Caoimhe did quite well and I spent 5 mins swimming around an eddy after getting the leash between me and the board snagged around the marker buoy, loads of fun and a great way to cool off in the hot Plattling Sun.P5220189

2. Teva Big Trick

each competitor was given 2 attempts to plug the biggest trick possible the event was won jointly by KATCHA and those crazy Germans with their 3 man loop – 3 kayaks lashed side by side dropped into the hole before plugging for a loop and sticking it!


2.5 Party Wave

As a side show to get some nice photos we had a party wave session getting as many people surfing the wave as possible – as usual lots of carnage but great spectator sport!

3. King of the wave

Unlike all other king of the wave competitions this one was different,

A le mans style start competitors run to their boats jump in, deck on and seal launch from the river right bank upstream of the hole, drop onto the hole and surf across to the river left side where their prize was being held by a raft suspended above the hole,

The prize was a raw fish slippery and wet, the winner needed to grab this from the raft, unfortunately at the same time the raft crew would be propelling all kinds of nasty stuff at the competitors – ketchup, mayo, potatoes, fish guts, eggs, flour


Coming out on top was Sam Stevens from Team GB a hard fought battle.

The evening was spent around a campfire chatting and drinking before the following day of finals.PICT0256PICT0255

The Dress 2011

As a continued tradition amongst Irish teams started last summer.

By law the senior male competitor who scores the lowest points MUST wear a dress to the losers party.


  1. The dress must be chosen by the team manager and their decision is final!

  2. The dress must be presented in front of the team.

  3. the dress must be worn for the entire evening.

  4. The dress must be visible no jackets or gowns allowed

  5. The dress must make it back to Ireland for future banter

  6. Only the named person may wear the dress

  7. The dress wearer shalt forfeit their rights to photos of them in the dress these remain property of whoever has them and can be sent to anyone who wants them!

Enjoy !

And the 2011 World Irish Dress Wearing Champion is…….

Adrian Durrant


Pictures to follow!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Worlds Day 13 Eve

The evening entertainment was a trip to the Volksfest a beer festival held in Plattling for all competitors, coachers, and supporters. PICT0224

we arrived to a live band and performers on stage and a party atmosphere with litres of beer the order of the day and waitresses wearing traditional attirePICT0162PICT0160

outside there was a funfair with all the usual rides.

As the party continued it really showed both German hospitality and culture at its best!


Billy Ride Prelim 2

Just a quick video as it was to hand! Billy Brett 2nd ride in Plattling Germany

Billy Throwing down

PS. He got told how to mcnasty approximately 30 seconds before the ride started and now hes flying!

Worlds Day 13

After an epic losers party with live band, blackout Dave on the drums and beer trailer all on the campsite next to the wave kept the amusement levels up,

A late night followed by an early start saw Billy Brett on the water first up in the Junior men's Semi Finals, 2 rides best 1 counts, The first ride went well with a huge space Godzilla linked to loop but unfortunately flushing and a fast mcnasty not quite making the angles required with 90 points on the board.

The second ride went well with a huge loop, space Godzilla's and sharp clean mcnasty leaving Billy with a respectable score of 266points.

The wait was now on to see the other scores come in, P5220190

As the results were posted with loads of onlookers the results from the semi had pushed Billy up from 10th into 8th position overall, missing the Final cut but a very respectable performance of which everyone is proud!

Well done Billy!P5220209

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Worlds Day 12

Today started bright and early with a scorcher of a day both on and off the water, the weather is fantastic and no sign of flooding!
The Men's K1 Prelim heats started at 7am with both Dave and Thomas in heat number one followed closely with Ronnie in heat two,
The day started well with Dave having the ride of his life putting down a solid series of tricks to leave him with 405 points next up was Thomas who showed his knowledge of the hole with a two tight rides with smooth cartwheel transitions and the crux moves of shuvits and spins dropped in for good measure. posting a ride of 472.
Ronnie dropped in, well and truly finding his mojo, with one fantastic entry move sending the Irish supporters wild! he increased his advantage with sharp loops and quick cartwheels for a smooth 310 score.P5220210
Bowsie was next of the Irish down in heat 12 showing international experience with clear composed ride plans linking well to post a ride of 345.
Last but by no means least Barry stepped up to the plate last of the Irish men sealed the deal with two fast and furious rides really showing what the Irish are capable of big loops, space Godzilla's helix’s to post a best score of 696 points leaving him in 30th position.P5220187
With the cut set to the top 25 unfortunately the seniors missed out, but their was plenty more to come.
After Lunch was the junior girls turn to prove a point two of Irelands best junior paddlers full of confidence and showing constant improvement up first was Niamh with an unlucky flush and some squirt boats in a whirly on the eddy line taking valuable time, but still composed second ride saw a great shuvit to put points on the board and leave her in 19th place
Caoimhe was up next with the junior ladies separated by one move she had a lot to do, with good movement and vision she saw the opportunity's for spins not quite finding the angles on the shuvits and unfortunately not finding the plug for the loops left her in 17th position
The flood meeting was called for 1400 to be explained that the high water is due for tomorrow afternoon evening so tomorrows schedule is set to start early and finish by 1400 with a further meeting tomorrow – sounds like the Irish weather.P5220199
Junior men were last up with Conor, Robbie and Billy all ready to rock, the music was playing and all that was left was for three young Junior boys become Men with conors huge loops Robbies clear controlled cartwheels and helix’s and Billy's mcnastys all three became men!
Conor saw the huge loops and space Godzilla's leave him with 300 points, Robbie's cool control gave him a stylish 275 and Billy's huge bonus gave him a whopping 456 and leaving him in number 10 spot and a place in tomorrows semi finals!P5220214
Today was a hugely successful day and one of the proudest of Irish freestyle with the emergence of five young athletes who have gained bags of experience the future is bright for Irish Freestyle kayaking.
Name Points Position
Conor Macken 300 21
Robbie O Shea 276 22
Billy Brett 456 10
Barry Loughnane 696 30
Thomas Dunphy 471 39
Brian Cahill 346 47
David O Sullivan 405 44
Ronan Brennen 310 54
Adrian Durrant 156 20
Niamh Cleary 5 19
Caoimhe Farrell 20 17
John O Rourke 298 13

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Worlds Day 11

A scorcher of a day saw continued high levels of water in Plattling, Germany
Today was the first day of competition with C1 and Squirt, Orky led the irish with 2 superb rides with big loops and lots of movement posting a score of 298 leaving him in a respectable 13th Place.
Next up was Adrian who after only seeing the new squirt rules the day before was confident, 2 solid rides later posting a flurry of ends, splits and oververt moves but missing the mystery moves and missing the big multiplier ended up in 20th Place.
As well as the competition excitement captains were called into a meeting to discuss potential flooding and evacuation of the campsite this would surely end the competition with more info to be given tomorrow at 1400.
With a bumped up schedule for tomorrow showing all prelims as well as quarter finals for the men and women running from 7am until 10pm tomorrow is set to be a long day!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Worlds Day 10

We woke up this morning to the sight of the Big Dog van wedged in the middle of our campsite! no idea when it arrived but its their!

The rain continued through the night with on/off showers today and the river rising 50cm since yesterday the level is well up, Our team training session is in about 2 hours time so will update again how it goes but for the moment the constant rain has turned our campsite muddy with gear wet and not drying, Thankfully the river is warm and at 2am this morning steam could be seen rising from the river in the flood lights an impressive sight!

Last night was relitively chilled out right until Orky had to pay 31euro for a ice cream sundae from mcdonalds when he missed a red light and the police/guards gave a knock on the window. (stupid continental traffic lights!)

This morning weve taken for the town kebab shop for lunch and internet access to charge cameras, phones and laptops and use the internet. Seems like everyone has the same idea!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Worlds Day 9

With the rain started we decided not to ge3t wet and head to Elypso the big indoor swimming pool! we spent much of the day chilling and relaxing making the most of the warm water and showers with some more slide carnage but luckily no breakages we think we will change sports and become professional bob sleigh riders instead!

back to the campsite and the river saw a rise of about 25cm between our sessions, this rise covered the green tongue and left a deep hole with big foam pile huge loops and ariel tricks were the order of the day with every one of the team having a fantastic session, Niamh landing her first loop, Orky showing us all P5160145Smallwhat a carbon C1 can really do huge loops and mcnastys and Ronnie at last found his mojo and put a smile back on his face, myself finding the bottom of the river with 2 of the best downtimes of the week.

Sinky Sinky Training

Team Ireland then took to the water for a party wave session with conor throwing huge between 2 other boaters with out much space to spare.

The rain continued long into the night with the levels due to rise again tomorrow.

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Friday, 17 June 2011

Worlds Day 8

At last team training was upon us with an early session 0854-0930 each teams slot is determined by their team size, Ireland have 12 team paddlers with 3 minutes per paddler leaving us with a 36 minute slot, this averages to between 3-4 45 second competition rides per person, this was the first real opportunity the team had to practice competition timings,

The session went extremely well with solid rides from all, Barrys high flying loops and space godzillas followed closely with the fast improving junior men Billy, Conor (Snose Junior) and Robbie all putting together solid rides with lots of points on the board, The junior Girls working hard on scoring the safe moves before looking for the high flying loops to really boost their scores.P5160166Small

The levels were low with rain due the weather had been strange with rain at night and bright hot days such a contrast.

Conors nose is looking beautiful swollen with some bruising to his cheek nose and eyes but no pain and hes still as cheeky as ever!


With a few cheeky afternoon beers the order of the day in our chilled out campsite followed by my own squirt boat training session,

With the boats reoutfitted with the help of Claire O Hara (Current World Champion) and some advice and coaching from James Reeves (Current World Champion) ive at last found the down button with the boat plummeting to the dark depths with me hanging on for my life as the boat spirals down!



Thursday, 16 June 2011

Worlds Day 7

Another hot day in the Irish camp saw last free practice turn into hiding from the sun with busy morning and evening sessions making sure you avoided the hot midday sun,

With the lads up and on the water at 6am for a 3.5 hour mammoth session to really take advantage before the slots kick in saw tricks being refined and dialled in with long smooth rides from Tom Dunphy to Huge loops from Conor Macken and tight technical experience driven rides of Brian Cahill, the improvements can be seen in every paddler from simple hole surfing to tucking up and throwing down huge rides.P5160132Small

the hot sun once again saw the trip to the local pool for a shower and a cool off, this time unfortunately it was young Conor Macken who collided with a stray foot on the slide leaving him with one massive snose and a trip to hospital.

2011-06-16 16.29.53after seeing the doctor and a couple of X-Rays they advised there was no clear break and that he could continue to paddle but to return on monday when the swelling has dropped,

Macken,Conor Patrick

2 identical accidents in 2 days a lot of bad luck Team Ireland are banned from the slides!

The evening saw the intervention of floodlights at the hole with the majority of the team taking the opportunity to paddle through the night and really get their rides together!.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Worlds Day 6

Today saw the arrival of head MC Kipper from Total Experience, with the campsite filling nicely and the sun still shining. It was the last opportunity for free training sessions so the wave was busy with lots of practice before the team training slots come in.

With the weather hot we decided to explore the local swimming pool, a lovely community complex with a number of outdoor pools high diving platforms and slide makes for a great relaxing afternoon. unfortunately today saw the reoccurance of Toms broken nose this time kindly assisted by a foot to the face whilst pileing down the slide, an unfortunate injury but luckily you can’t keep a good man down and he was raring to go the next morning, looking as attractive as ever.P5150120Small

The lack of rain meant the level was dropping fast today the level cruised down to a rocky 155cm on the guage meaning the carbon boats went back to their bags and plastic boats were the order of the day!

With the locals making the most of the low levels dropping ends between rocks to put together solid rides.


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Worlds Day 5

The morning started bright and early after a wicked night session under the lights of Orkys Audi, with a chilled out session for the Irish Gate Crashed by by everybody else who saw the lights, a cool session.

Today saw the reopening of all the local stores after Sunday and bank holiday closing so off to Globas the biggest store in the world to restock and replenish! picking up supplies for a couple of days.


We had a chilled day in the sun with the lads spending a couple of sessions on the water whilst it was quiet,

For the afternoon some of the group cruised to the pool for a much needed shower whilst others relaxed before a small BBQ and evening paddle.

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Monday, 13 June 2011

Worlds Day 4

An early start after a late night saw most of the team on the water for an early session with the feature seemingly holding its shape the guys are able to practice and refine moves without having to relearn each day,


With mcnastys going both ways and Caoimhe’s first loop of the week the training is going well. I even jumped on for a spot of sinking and splashing for a while.


The weather is mixed with a warm start and some nice sun followed by a spitting rain that just lasts every day just wet enough to annoy but not wet enough to force you inside.

With the crowds building the eddy queue is getting longer and the more practice people get means each persons rides get longer, 1 unfortunate flush can mean 20minutes plus of waiting untill your next ride, so at another attempt to get wave time tonight the lads are hoping to get on at 11pm under the moonlight, watch this space to see if it works!!


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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Worlds Day 3

With the heavy downpour overnight bringing the level back up on the gauge the early session saw mass evacuation of the campsite all trying to get some valuable time in the hole before the masses arrive, (Or the Jackson Team)


After a session we stopped for a quick breakfast and decided to take advantage of the local pools shower facilities and went for a swim,


The pools were immense with lots of big slides and lots of us to run riot we managed to make trains of us on rings heading down the slides for some very fast fun and a few big collisions at the bottom to keep everyone on their toes.

After a nice shower we headed for town to use internet and charging facilities to top up our power on electronic devices,

Back to camp for the usual paddle and chill in the sun before heading out to the chinese restaurant for dinner and an ice cream sunday!