Paddle4Play: March 2012

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Going Running

So earlier this month I was offered a trip to the beautiful city of Nice in the French reviera at the end of April only shortfall was It was for a half marathon. And this time not in a boat but by foot.

I havent run since I was about 16 before I got a car I did the 5km Solent Saunter once, so this is going to be a challenge.

So all set with my Keen A86's, spandex pants and Garmin Forerunner the challenge was on.

My maiden run was with Tom Egan of Salmon Leap a war hourse and absolute legend. A 5km loop from the club house pushing my legs through the pain of the jog as I reentered the club house gates I could feel my quads and calfs cramping with every step this is going to be one of the toughest challenges ive done so after 5 days of pain with every step and stairs feeling lie mountains out I went again this time with Tom And Kevin Lynch we pushed out the course to a healthy 9km I managed to both push the pace and had fuel in the tank for the final km things felt good. I awoke the next morning legs feeling great so decided to go for a gentle jog keep the legs moveing adding another 8km to the bag.

The next day I was back out with tom and kevin for a shorter 5km lap they set out a blistering pace leaving me for dust but I kept a pace and followed them home a few minutes behind just to point out the pair of them would be 30-40 years older than me. So after a day off to recover both legs and a hurt ego I was in beautiful Donegal for CANI paddlefest so I took the opportunity to rise early and go for a jog around the stunning coast path, following the path through the twisting lay of the beaches and rock formations sun gleaming and slight breeze in the early morning. With waves lapping on the shore the route from Moville to Greencastle was absolutely stunning with a small harbour of fishing boats at the turn. I followed the path part tarmac part sand and beach even a small slate crossing trying not to get wet feet all before breakfast the coast line was stunning and really made me appritiate the steady 10km run

So at the end of the first weekish id run a total of 37km with the race 21km ive a long way to go but staying injury free and healthy will stand me in good stead to rack up the miles over the coming weeks.

Thanks to Keen Europe for the A86's my running shoe of choice, comfy lightweight and supportive makes running smooth and steady with a great antislip sole any surface feels grippy and firm.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy Paddys Day!!

paddy day

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