Paddle4Play: December 2012

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Peaceful weekend

So with the busy festive period upon us, two months of christmas purchases, sales and general madness, I took advantage of the last late Sunday start and a Monday off work to get out in the marathon boat. A somewhat excessive purchase to purely fit in with the club at Salmon Leap but has grown to be one of my favourite boats in my mightly armada. Being alone out on the lake is somewhat pleasing not having to show or prove anything, no rulebook or score sheet to tick just me and my boat eating up the Km's.

The marathon boat offers some great fitness training much in the same way a road bike allows you to pedal with minimul drag the K1 efortlessly glides through the water, with the power button pushed the boat lifts and accelerates swallowing the water and leaving it for dust. The speed, the grace, the hard work so many reasons to be out in the boat. But for me the peace and tranquility of glass like water the quiet hum of the distant traffic and the knowing its just me and the water.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

How green was their wave,

This week in store we hosted the book launch for How Green Was Their Wave by Kevin Cavey a book giving insight and stories to the history of Irish surfing, with local heroes and Irish legends all in attendance. 

The night really gave food for thought with so many of the original group still in contact as friends like brothers still after 40 plus years these guys had something special a bond which could not be broken at the time they were pioneers, the cool kids bringing surfers to Irish waters. Now they are friends enjoying their sport and seeing what they have created. With numerous titles and champions instore the room was alive so many exceptional personalitys all brought together by a single book, words and images printed on paper remembering and reviewing what these guys have done and where they had been. True gents to the world, never losing touch with their calling from the sea.
The evening was an excellent occasion held on the first floor of the great outdoors main store with smiles and laughter all round.
If you enjoy surfing pop instore and grab a copy of the book a great piece for the collection and a perfect addition to any Christmas stocking

Available in the great outdoors. Click here to check it out on our web store.

See you on the water