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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Sluice 9th May 2010

After a quiet week, with no water we headed for the liffey,

Sunday I spent part of the day doing some progressive freestyle coaching looking at skills and how they can transfer between kayak disciplines for this we spent some time on the flat learning basics of positioning and then moving onto the mighty sluice

their was a single meg release which most of the time we wouldnt bother but today we did and heres the outcome.



Adrian, Clara, 5 Swim Jim, Fran and Ger!

Friday, 7 May 2010

H20 Audio

bigsticker_800x800 This year I was taken on as a H20 Audio Pro Team Rider. This meant I got some sweet new gear to test and use but someone forgot to tell the weather man and with the serious lack of water meant this stayed looking pretty in my van for far too long!

So with the opportunity I took the kit for a play

The Kit

My Iphone


My standard Iphone I've had with a selection of wicked toones!


The Case

Amphibx Waterproof Armband for iPhone, iPod touch and large MP3 players


The Amphibx armband provides a fully integrated, wearable, water sports music solution. This armbands unique shape and specialized materials have been designed to comfortably grip your arm while you're dropping in, cutting back or wiping out. Perfect for your iPod touch, iPhone or any other large MP3 player!

This is a waterproof case which holds the phone it can be mounted on the upper arm or on the waist (with extender belt) I chose to use the are mount as this was handy when boating I can see what's playing and change songs quickly and easily


The Headphones


Surge Sportwrap


Pounding surf, huge wakes or just your favorite running route are Surge Sportwrap's playground. Combining the stable fit of a behind-the-neck headphone with the sound quality of an in-ear headphone, Surge Sportwrap features a secure neckband and coiled cable that keeps headphones comfortably in place by actively managing the cord and reducing cable strain.

Surge Pro Mini Waterproof Headphones


Incorporates H2O Audio's patented waterproof technology with the same high-performance, Balanced Armature drivers found in professional sound studio monitors. Surge Pro Waterproof Headphones deliver highly accurate sound reproduction in a compact size that is perfect for active use in any environment


I have 2 sets of headphones the Surge Pro and the Surge sportwrap on the neck band I tried both and found that the surge pro are great Headphones a crisp sound and good bass but tended to come out after rolling this was not a major problem but would take a second to locate and untangle. I then tried the Surge on the neckband and these were spot on worked really well still an awesome sound and no excess cable to flap and get in the way and if they did come out only an inch of cable and nowhere for them to go. even with a helmet these were a great fit. The headphones come with a selections of ear pieces it is important to get the right size sorted but with the right size these work like an ear plug keeping the sudden rush of water to a minimum and reducing the likelihood of surfers ear.


The water bottle


This might sound simple but every athlete needs to stay hydrated or their performance and output level will decrease by using a couple of these baby's everyone knows what your listening on while you know your drinking the water!  



Music is a great contribution to motivation on a quiet day its nice to be alone just you and the water but sometimes you need that little push. by keeping a steady beat and and pushing on a good tune will make you feel at the top of your game it takes your mind away from the everyday noises and lets you relax  by staying relaxed allows you to paddle to your best ability. A lot of athletes train in different ways but because of the culture freestyle kayaking much like boarding or BMX’ing the music has to play a part.

The kit is well built and guaranteed to be dry even in the harshest environments. As always I was a little comprehensive of putting my beloved Iphone in a waterproof case but this was great. First thoughts were it looked bulky and it would tangle but I was very suprised the arm band grips to your arm and doesnt shift even in the most turbulent rides the arm bad is comfortable and non restrictive the cables are sleek and out of the way and the sound is unreal even when upside down the music is clear.

In my opinion their is no better product on the market for the purpose. Working in a shop I see many brands and types and this is by far the most robust and paddler friendly

Well done H20 Audio you've done your homework!

improvements the only thing id like would be to be able to actually recieve calls by adding a mic to the set up would be sweet as for Iphone users and for narrating and making reminders for a training journal. (Just got an email with this exact thing on! cant wait to get old of a set of these!)

Having used this at sluice in Dublin for a play session il definately be taking it with me to the European Championships in Austria Next month as its a great bit of kit!

10/10 Product!


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May Bank Holiday

So after my epic Saturday drive around Ireland. I decided not to waste my Sunday and headed for a spot of Sluice paddling.

Knowing it was likely to be a quiet day I decided to take my H20 Audio Headphones and case and get the tunes going and really put the case to its test! (see review later)


Heres a few clips of my Sunday paddle. The rivers a low 2 megs and my ankles still killing me!!

The Monday with expectations of water was ousted when we turned up at the river to the sight of NO water……..

So lets make the best of a bad situation and hopped on for a flatwater spin with the Juniors, Robbie, Shane, Conor, Daniel, as well as Fran, Paraic, and Jody

Again the juniors were working hard on flatwater moves ready to get some water pumping and put their skills back on the river!!

Battered bruised and back in Dublin

week in the UK back to Dublin via a 17 hour Coach followed by a days work and at last the opportunity to be reunited with my boat but in my haste in getting to the river drove to the get in, Instead of walking, while stepping off the wheel of my van managed to find a unfortunately placed pot hole in the road which my ankle did not agree with so within minutes my ankle proceeeded to swell up like a balloon and no boating for me.


after a week of little use and gentle training to find out if I could paddle up came nationals this was probably my most stupid idea in a long time as my cankle as it now looked was still swollen and no sign of going down but what the heck, Off I went and unsuprisingly paddled like a newbie tentative and flushy. not a great comp for me any means. but well done to the organisers for organising water in the dry spell we've had was great to have so many boaters in Limerick for a comp!! a short hospital visit (2 weeks after the injury) confimed that it was infact not broken but I had torn ligaments and should probably take it easy for a few weeks...........

DSC_4547 DSC_4549 DSC_4550 DSC_4553 DSC_4552DSC_4737


Thursday, 6 May 2010

Easter Weekend

So the post is a little late but better late than never!

It all started way back to the weekend before Easter where I did my bit for the community taking part in the Lucan raft challenge which raised over 1000euro for Barretstown! obviously being the chancer that I am, Decided in my infinite wisdom to head down on a single person inflatable fishing boat also known as the gigbob! this is a great toy sent over from NRS for a Fishing show I decided to try its Whitewater capabilities to which I was pleasantly surprised.


26742_375172252956_614612956_3833920_2151155_s 15728_108545559168720_100000398289718_138581_1260819_s15728_108545549168721_100000398289718_138578_811444_s26742_375172147956_614612956_3833902_1421268_s


…………………… Any way in the pub later that evening a plot was fraught between a a couple which later that week plans were put in place to ‘Tag along’ on the Rockhoppers trip to the Tryweryn (why we decided this to be a clever idea is beyond me) anyhow we filled the car me, Garvan and Clara on the early ferry for a fun Friday of boating.

The Tryweryn provides an excellent training facility to learn and enhance whitewater experience and skills with only one cheeky swim and small paddle breakage from Clara the day was great.

we then remembered someone (Clara) had agreed to pick up Jim (soon to be 4 swim but now 5 Swim) from the ferry so 90 mins Bala to Holyhead to pick him up and another 90mins back tho we did get to a pub in Bala and Garv his Birthday drinks!

That night in came the Rockerhoppin Crew!! (this is where the trouble starts!)

So the Saturday off to the course we went and proceeded to paddle in our small group before long I spied an unmanned craft heading downstream so left my group to eddyhop and take in the views while I chased unmanned craft downstream. (Brendon) following this was a large amount of boat exiting by a number of the group. To which I chased, Bagged and shoved my way downstream picking people and kit from the river.

after a long day a long run/boat rescue/ paddle and walk back upto the centre I found myself well used and wondering why did I ever think I would of got away with a quiet weekend paddling.

trywerynsun Sean, Adrian, Clara, Arianne, Paula, Jane enjoying the Welsh sun

The Sunday I found myself going for the leisurely option and taking the day easy. working with individuals and small groups before a bit of a creek boat play session at NRA and a long drive back to Holyhead and the 2am Ferry home.

The bank holiday Monday I had agreed to do some coaching at sluice with the juniors this was a great day to be on the water but sadly I wasn't I spent the day bank coaching and taking photos.

DSC07802 - small DSC07839 - small

The standard of paddling was really good from all the juniors and cant wait to see them in action against the seniors!!

DSC07719 - small DSC07856 - small

DSC07733 - small DSC07775 - small

Thanks to Rockhoppers for keeping me busy and giving me a weekend to remember!

Neil and Eoin for their boat chasing help

The Juniors for a fun Monday back in Dublin

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New Blog!

I used to have a blog but then I left it and forgot about it and didnt really do much with it......... Then came facebook and all its glory and it just doesnt tell the story I want it to tell so here is MY STORY! straight from the horses mouth.

In Short......

Im a Brit..... Born and bread in Portsmouth on the sunny south coast of England
Studyed a National Diploma Sports Science Outdoor Education,
BA Honours Degree in Watersports Studies and Management (yes its a real degree)

Bought a Van lots of boats and set about coaching paddlesport throughout the UK.

If it floats I can paddle it!

Then one cold winter morning following many trips back and forth to Ireland got asked if I wanted a months work and im still kinda here well over a year on!

Now living in Lucan 200metres to the River Liffey and the feature affectionately known as 'The Sluice'

I work on the river coaching when possible and in Irelands premiere canoe outfitters.

I competed for the Irish Freestyle team at the world championships in Thun Switzerland in 2009. 13th in Squirt and my first taste of international competitions

So in 2010 I have taken on the role as Team Manager for the Irish Team with my ability to compete still not certain due to injury I have spent a lot of time organising and coaching both the Irish Team and Squad paddlers.

and thats about me for now!

keep reading to see where my path leads me!

Like a lost sheep trying to find my way home!

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