Paddle4Play: December 2014

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Pyranha Kayaks FREE connect upgrade!!


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Great Outdoors become Pyranha specialist dealer.



Pyranha Specialist Dealer and service Centre

Great outdoors are pleased to announce they have been taken on as a Pyranha kayaks specialist Dealer and service centre. This means the store offers the best service available, from boat selection, colour options as well as boat outfitting and upgrades we offer the same care and service that we ourselves would expect.

Great outdoors has show commitment to the Pyranha brand carrying a large fleet of demo boats for events and our staff offer expert knowledge in the boats.

At present only a handful of stores in the UK have been taken into this scheme with The Great Outdoors not only first Irish store but first store in Europe to fully complete all aspects of the specialist dealer programme.

This means we can offer special deals on boats as well as exclusivity on new designs, meaning we will have you new boat first. We can then outfit and tune your boat before you hit the water to give you the best experience possible once on the wet stuff.

pyranha boats

We hope to hold this fantastic connection for years to come with both companies shareing the same beliefs. By offering the customer the best products for their adventures.

This is a fantastic opportunity, look out for us and our team paddlers out on the water, feel free to ask them anything and try their boats.

All our paddlers are easy to spot they are the ones with the biggest smiles.’

For more Information and advice or service and repair questions please contact our watersports manager Adrian Durrant.


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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Pyranha Outfitting – Thigh Braces

pyr_fishlogopyrlogo  Lots of people lately have been purchasing club spec boats and asking about upgrading the boat with thigh braces, this is a really simple job to do and will take about 10 minutes to complete,

By adding thigh braces will give you much better control of the boat especially in moving water whilst edging the boat, it also allows you to upgrade to a ratchet backrest with the thigh braces pre drilled to take a ratchet.

Here's a quick step by step guide to fitting Connect thigh braces into a club spec Z-One


Collect together the tools needed

1 x Drill with 6mm bit

1 x Marker pen

1 x Philips Screwdriver

1 x Thighbrace kit from Pyranha containing

2 x Connect Thigh braces 4 x bolts 4 x plates 4 x washers and 2 x O-Rings


The boat is premarked during moulding for the thigh brace positions, Take the pen and clearly mark the four imprints


Carefully drill the four holes with the 6mm drill bit.


2 are on the top of the cockpit rim the other 2 come in from the sides


Place the bolts through the drilled holes, Long bolts come in from the side and shorter bolt from the top use the washers on the outside with the rubber O-ring on the longer bolt between the washer and hull



Lift the thigh brace into place, Lining up the bolts.



put the flat plate into the longer bolt and tighten gently


Now slide the thigh brace to check movement and push the bolt through the middle hole in the top (number 3 of 5 holes)

Offer the plate with the extended thread to the bolt, flat side first and carefully tighten



Now tighten the outer bolt untill hand tight.


To adjust remove the top bolt and loosen the side bolt carefully slide the thigh brace to the correct position line up the hole and retighten.

Add a sticker to the boat and you’re done!!


A simple addition to create a secure fit for any paddler,

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